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Amazon-Toys-R-Us-Home-Depot-Gift Cards

Buying Gift Cards For The Holidays

Buying Gift Cards This Holiday Season Gift cards are big business; about half of all shoppers in the U.S. plan to give one, according to a Consumer Reports poll. And the amount we spend on those…
Amazon Teddy Robot

Amazon Shows Off Their Robots!

Amazon Shows Off It's Robots! Did you know that Amazon has robots that help get your packages delivered on time? This article from Time Magazine goes in depth about how this retail giant does…

Amazon Drones!

Amazon Drones 2 years ago, Jeff Bezo's, Amazon's CEO talked about using Drones to make deliveries within 30 minutes if you are a member of Prime Air. Buzzfeed's article says the CEO is estimating…
Not A Crow In eCommerce

You Are Not A Crow For eCommerce

You Are Not A Crow In eCommerce! The older I get, the less respect I have for supposed "leaders" who dangle promises of riches in the faces of their struggling followers, knowing full well that…